I am Erin Inselman. I’m a proud mom of six kids alongside my good-looking husband Brian. We live in Nebraska, the heartland of America. We own a physical therapy and fitness training facility, ACHIEVE https://www.achievendpt.com/ .

My husband and kids are my everything.  They are my driving force, my inspiration and fill my heart with such love.  I love to coach group training classes and get so much joy in seeing my clients work for their results.  It inspires me every day to be as strong and determined as them.    

 I read and listen to books, lives and podcasts like my life depends on it.  I love how they feed my soul.

I value exercise and proper nutrition and what it does for my body especially after so many pregnancies and getting older.  I love my cheat days and thoroughly enjoy a good Diet Coke occasionally. 

I have been a coach, classroom teacher, district administrator, a stay a home mom (by far my most challenging job mentally), and a business owner with my husband. 

My intention with this site is to build a community where I can add value and make life a little easier, relatable, and share tools that will hopefully make life better.   I will share my fumbles, failures and successes in all areas of life.  I want to support and cherish you in all your goals and endeavors.  I want you to be strong, confident and know that you CAN achieve anything your heart desires.  Thank you for checking out this site.  To learn more each week subscribe to my podcast six-pack.  

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